ASE Optics Europe – “Spanish Capacities in Large Scientific Facilities”

ASE Optics Europe included in the "Spanish Capacities in Large Scientific Facilities" catalogue

We are proud to appear in the new edition the Catalogue – “Spanish Capacities in Large Scientific Facilities” prepared and published by CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial). This catalog shows the capabilities of the Spanish industry to develop technologies for Large Scientific Facilities. It includes a description of the main Spanish companies working in different areas of this sector.
It has been possible thanks to all the knowledge acquired and developed through our participation in large scientific projects for customers like ESRF Synchrotron or ITER Project.
The complete catalogue can be downloaded at the following link: CDTI GICS CATALOGUE
Check it or contact us and discover how ASE Optics Europe contributes with its knowledge and expertise in optical design and engineering!


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