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Optical systems design for scientific industry

Design and development of high quality optical and laser systems for scientific industry, research projects and scientific installations. This is one of strengths as experts in optical design, engineering and custom systems integration. Nowadays, ASE Optics is proud of being a provider of optical design services for the biggest research and scientific infrastructures worldwide: synchrotron objective lenses, inspection systems for tokamak installations, microscope objectives lenses…

Custom optics, photonics and laser systems development for scientific projects

Every project that needs a custom system development must be analyzed and understood from the beginning. ASE Optics is capable to understand these requirements and lead them with the preliminary conceptual design. From then on, we can develop the full engineering process, up to the design, procurement and manufacturing of the subsystems that will be integrated in the main project.


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Custom microscope objectives

In ASE Optics we have experience designing custom microscope objectives: high numerical aperture, wide field of view (FOV), special material restrictions… we design custom lenses and complete systems for research institutes and OEM customers that need custom solutions for their applications. When catalogue components and solutions are not enough, ASE Optics Europe is your solution, in terms of technology, costs and efficency.

Some examples of our most recent designs and developments:

Synchrotron objective lenses: from design to manufacturing

Synchrotron radiation technology is nowadays intensively used. There are several synchrotron radiation centers, and they improve day by day the technologies used to increase the efficiency. Optics and photonics are one of the key technologies for these technology centers. They need improved performance, custom optical systems. Systems that can be integrated perfectly in their beamlines.

From optical design to complete system fabrication, ASE Optics Europe offer a compete service, including quality test and validation of each system. We have experience designing and developing custom objective lenses for European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF, Grenoble, France), and we keep improving our capacities in this field to meet the requirements demanded by our customers.

Non-destructive inspection systems

Non-destructive inspection (NDT) is another of the technologies that, nowadays, is intensively used. We have experience in the design and assembly of integrated laser and optical systems for metrology and inspection. One of these examples is our participation on ITER project.


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