Optics for different applications & sectors

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Optics for different applications and industries

ASE Optics Europe expertise and experience allow us to serve and cover the needs in optical design, engineering and manufacturing across a broad range of applications areas: medical devices, life sciences, industrial metrology, defense and security. A key factor for your product success relies on the correct understanding of your industry or application and its restrictions and requirements.

Thanks to our experience, in ASE Optics we can determine easily and quickly the critical issues that affects your system, so we can provide the solution that fits better with your industry application.

We are an experienced team, specialized in optics and photonics, with knowledge of complementary technologies such as image processing, mechanics, electronics … all to offer the best solution in:

Optical desing

By starting with an accurate concept analysis and first concept evaluation, our optical engineers find the best solution in optical design.

Optical systems integration

Optics never go alone, and never work the same. Mechanics and electronics are always crucial to make an optical system work. Through our partners networking, combined with our skills, we find the right way to integrate optics, optomechanics and optoelectronics, as well as laser systems.

Prototyping and manufacturing

Material selection, costs, runtime, maintenance, environmental circumstances… everything is important when making a prototype or a final system.

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