ASE Optics is one of the members of the consortium created to develop an optical sensor that uses advanced laser technology to diagnose skin cancer in real-time and in a non-invasive way (without biopsy).

Specifically, the consortium will investigate the possibility of developing a thermo-optical sensor with electrical readout, to be called Skinsens, to detect these skin alterations. Subsequently, a prototype will be developed for validation.

It should be noted that the techniques currently used to detect and diagnose skin cancer are invasive (they require biopsies), the results are not immediate (they require analysis of samples in the laboratory), and they are expensive and require specialized personnel and equipment.

This consortium formed by  ASE Optics, Radiantis, Lasercare, and Procarelight and coordinated by Secpho, has been the beneficiary of Next Generation EU funds channeled by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism to develop this research.

Consortium members

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