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Custom microscope objectives

ASE Optics has ample experience in designing custom microscope objectives with high NA apertures, wide FOV or special material restrictions. We design custom microscope objective lenses and optical subsystems for scientific research centers and OEMS who require solutions for complex applications. When off-the-shelf microscope objective is not enough to cover a specific need, ASE Optics offers the best solution, in terms of quality and costs.

We can design custom infinity corrected microscope objectives for use with stock tube lenses, or we can also provide custom tube lenses for maximum performance. These precision optics are used within the life science, quantum physics, ultra cold atom and physics research arenas, as well as industrial applications.

Our customized systems can be applied to:

– Multi-photon microscopy

– Confocal microscopy

– Immersion microscope objective optical design

– STED Microscopy

– Deep Tissues Imaging

– Microscopy & Analysis of Quantum Structures

– Super Resolution Microscopy

– Failure Analysis of Structural Materials

– Live Cell Fluorescent Microscopy

Pre-engineered microscope objectives

In addition to custom microscope objective, we also offer pre-engineered objectives that will fit your technical requirements, budget and tightest time frames. We select the proper objective design and proper materials for your application, and we provide you with a quality custom objective, assembled and tested, in-house.

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